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C&ESAR 2014 – Reactive Security
24 – 26th november 2014

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Cybersecurity of SCADA
and Industrial Control Systems

This year, C&ESAR will focus on cyber security of digital industrial control systems. 
Programmable logic controllers, instrumentation & control systems, supervisory and data acquisition systems… (often referred collectively by the terms “SCADA systems”), they all play a critical role in numerous industrial facilities.  The cyber security of these systems has long been treated as a marginal issue.  However, they are undergoing profound changes, getting digital and interconnected at fast pace.  If such evolutions bring potential for performance increase, they also bring new exposure to cyber attacks.  The Stuxnet attack has shed a new light on this reality.  Cyber security of industrial control systems has become a major issue and challenge, with technical, organizational and cultural dimensions. Indeed, the myth of their virtual protection by isolation and/or proprietary technologies is fading away: it is fortunately being replaced by a growing awareness of their real vulnerabilities, and the need for adapted security approaches and solutions.  C&ESAR intends to provide this year a forum embracing all these dimensions.


C&ESAR 2013 :

Cybersecurity of SCADA